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Ambrane P-1310 13000 mAh Power Bank

 2,499.00  749.00

4.40 out of 5
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Key Features:

  • Brand : Ambrane
  • Model Number: P-1310
  • Battery Capacity: 13000 mAh
  • Samsung Cell Li-Ion Battery : Yes
  • Connectors : USB
  • LED torch : Yes
  • Power Supply : DC 5V
  • Designed For: Smartphones, Tablet, PC
  • Output Power: DC 5V
  • Battery Type: Li-Ion
  • Power Source: Battery
  • Compatibility: It can be easily used with any type of mobile phone, media player, tablet PC, digital camera or any electronic device

Reviews (5)

5 reviews for Ambrane P-1310 13000 mAh Power Bank

  1. Rohit Parmar
    5 out of 5


    While the picture of the products looks very attractive, the size of the product is very huge. Just as big as those cordless phones.

    I am not sure if the piece sent to me is the fresh one or refurbished/used by someone. When I put it for charging, it was already showing some 50% charged (two out of four indicates were steady).

    Also, the power bank itself takes a hell lot of time to get charged.

    The plus point it, it is charging my Moto G 2nd gen phone at least three times (from 20% to 100%). And the phone gets charged quickly using power bank (around 2 hrs).

    Not exactly full value for money. I would recommend it is worth Rs. 700-800.

  2. Shubham Sunny
    5 out of 5


    awsummmmm………………. product . this product bet the samsang, mi and other power bank i use this product backup power is very strongg

  3. Vijay Prakash
    4 out of 5


    Can be recommenced as this is the good product as this price point and can serve you as said. The LED light is also very useful when u travel.

  4. Harshad Parab
    4 out of 5


    Just got the product yesterday, I am satisfied with the product as the finish is good.

    I have not used this extensively but so far seems to work fine. Will recommend this to people who travel with more than one phone.


  5. Umair
    4 out of 5


    This is my first power bank. I was little skeptical about the performance.
    However i decided to go for it.
    I am satisfied with the performance now. It charges all mobiles very fast and i did not face any issues till today.
    13000 MaH battery is perfect. No need to charge your power bank every time.
    I have a samsung phone of 2100 MaH battery. My battery drains fast after heavy use, but now i have no worries as I can charge my phone anytime. I dont remember how may times i have already charged my mobile by this power bank. (which was only charged once)

    Its reliable I would say. Only complaint I have about this Power bank is that its is little heavy, so you will not feel comfortable to carry this device if you don’t have a bag or purse.

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