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Logitech K400 Plus Wireless Keyboard

 3,995.00  2,435.00

4.75 out of 5
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  1. 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Key Features:

  • Brand: Logitech
  • Wireless Type: 2.4 GHz Radio Frequency
  • Built-in 3.5 inch touchpad
  • Enjoy effortless control of your TV-connected computer with the wireless keyboard
  • Compact and slim design makes it perfect for the living room
  • Comfortable and quiet keys
  • 10m wireless range ensures trouble-free connection in the largest room
  • Eliminate any learning curve while adding easy-access volume controls and arrow keys with the familiar, media-friendly key layout
  • Unifying receiver makes setup of your TV keyboard a snap with its plug and play design
  • 18 months battery life
  • Works with Windows 7, 8, 10 or later as well as Android 5.0 or later and Chrome OS

Reviews (4)

4 reviews for Logitech K400 Plus Wireless Keyboard

  1. GS
    5 out of 5


    Delivered on time. Works great with a Samsung 55 inch LED for browsing.
    Do note that it does not work with the Youtube/Netflix etc built in the Samsung Smart Hub – That is not a problem with the keyoard but a Samsung-Android interface issue. That is common info and I was aware.

  2. Ankit
    4 out of 5


    i’d say that this is a pretty good keyboard. its built is nice though it does seem to miss the num lock and print screen kind of essential for windows users also the arrow keys are small and difficult to use. this keyboard does have some exceptionally small keys which might take some time to getting to but for the job it is build, it does it pretty well. this is definitely not a performance or a gaming keyboard but could be used as one for backup. the keys are silent and quite sturdy which is a really rare feel in this range. this is an awesome keyboard though i wouldn’t recommend it for any games or professional use as it isn’t meant for it.

  3. Vishnu
    5 out of 5


    Does what it promises . Suppprts android buttons like gome property ans task switch.

  4. Aditya
    5 out of 5


    Totally a couch keyboard… Works as expected

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