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Portronics Pure Sound Portable Speaker

 1,699.00  1,299.00

4.73 out of 5
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Key Features:

  • Brand : Portronics
  • Model ID : Pure Sound
  • Type : Laptop/Desktop Speaker
  • Configuration : 2.0 Channel
  • Satellites : 2
  • Total Power Output RMS : 2 W
  • Impedance Satellite : 4 ohms
  • Memory Card Slot : Yes
  • Connector Type : USB Cable, 3.5 mm Stereo Jack
  • Input Power : 5 V
  • Power Output : 2 W
  • Battery : 1080 mAh Lithium-ion
  • Battery Life : 8 hrs
  • Satellite Dimensions (W x H x D) : 202 x 59 x 30 mm
  • Satellite Weight : 0.195 kg
  • Compatible Devices : Mobile, Desktop, Audio Player, Laptop, MP3


Reviews (11)

11 reviews for Portronics Pure Sound Portable Speaker

  1. Mohit Raj
    5 out of 5


    This is Very good product , I gifted this item to my mom after seeing this item other relatives also demanded it , so i purchased this 3 times… i tell you its properties

    1. Very good Sound , Three speakers are there in device one is woofer
    2. You can take out put in head phone or other big speaker
    3..You can give out put from PC or mobile
    4. Memory card and Pendrive option also avalibale
    5 Use Transcend pen drive
    6 Battery is BL5C good capacity
    7 You can set next and previous song .
    8 FM is there
    9 Can be hang on the wall

  2. Rishita Digar
    5 out of 5


    I say that it is such a great buy, considering how useful this little thing has been for me. I can just put it in my bag n go anywhere n have a blast with friends. Great sound, good backup, perfect to use with a phone or laptop. It is especially useful for ppl who dont want huge bulky speaker setups, but want a good sound quality.
    The Perfect Portable Speaker!!

  3. Punyaslok Dash
    5 out of 5


    1st thing 1st those who expect a high volume from mini speaker its not for you. Its much louder than its size. Its only 20cm width and 5cm height. 2.5cm thick. Imagine a 20cm scale. Some people reviewed that sound quality is awesome clear, crispy but they are not mentioned the reason. Its actually a MP3 player attached with big speakers. Now the internal mp3 player is too awesome that its better than your mobile phone like galaxy series or phillips go gear. Thats the secret behind awesome sound and you can feel it when you put a ear phone and listen music. And you all know today’s date a good mp3 player cost around 1000 rupees minimum so that the reason its cost little more than its competitors. Now coming to the speaker its 2.1 mini setup with 2watt RMS and 2 single watt speakers. Give awesome sound as you all reviewed. Some complaints about the battery, I personally feels to manage cost its not an original OEM Nokia BL-5C so you could buy an original one with high mAH like 2000Mah and can manage 5-6hrs or more. I got 3hrs when on full volume. Using Huawei 1000amp charger and in 30 min its full charged. One change can company do to provide a mini 2.0 USB port as the 1.1 port too old and you need 1 extra cable on your table. But thats not a big problem. For 1200INR its worth every rupees I spent and got what I want. Its a good brand and good quality product.

  4. Karthick
    5 out of 5


    It may not exactly fit in your pocket, but it’s not too big either. It’s perfect to carry around in your bag.

    Size. Fits into a laptop bag comfortably. Can be carted around in Cargos with big pockets.
    Sound. Plays almost anything you can throw at it and unlike other cheap mini speakers reproduces equalizer changes very smoothly.
    Battery Life. Lasts about 3 hours on full volume after which volume levels begin decreasing steadily to give you a hint that the battery is underpowered.
    Versatility. Plays MP3 and MP4 files from pen drives. Plays through aux. Plays the radio.

    The AUX cable isn’t great but it does a fair job. Noticeable improvement in sound quality after switching to a Skullcandy cable.

    If you’re paying anything below 1200 Rs for this speaker, consider it to be worth every rupee.

  5. Surendra Kumar
    4 out of 5


    I’m using this product from the past 3-4 months.
    Rating on the scale of 5 stars

    Sound Quality : 4/5

    Design and Material quality : 3.5/5

    Ease of access : 2/5

    a small display would have been great, now its difficult to know which station we are listening to.

  6. Rockey
    4 out of 5


    Quality is good.packing is nice . sound quality is awsomebut sound volume has to be increased.it is really multipurpose product . i like it very much .worthy product.but volume is neccessary.another disadvantage is display.there is no display

  7. Jaiswal
    5 out of 5


    I bought this product, used it for a while, its good and worth money.
    descent sound quality, gr8 reception of FM. though here the MRP is being quoted is of 1999 but product MRP says it 1699. all in all a nice buy.

  8. Raja
    4 out of 5


    Yet to know it’s long lasting wellness. Currently works good in nominal volume level. Size is frustrating.. Almost looks like TV remote..

    Battery is good. EP to EP chord is long enough. And there is a notification in pack.. ” Avoid using HP pendrives..!”

  9. Rahul
    5 out of 5


    Good handy speaker .
    Can be carried anywhere.

  10. Divyesh
    5 out of 5


    Very nice sound with effective bass and treble and voice is very clear. Long life battery. Aux in system is useful for phone music share.

  11. Varun
    5 out of 5


    It has 3 speakers its even better than your 50k leds soud I just compared it with one of my lg led they were clearly winner . go for it now if u want to enjoy your life … I can bet this is best of its range . sound quality is like that of a expensive speaker with full bass , yeah the bass is also awesome by defauly. Its really easy to operate too ….

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